Food SurvivalFood Survival Without weapons it is especially difficult to kill most mammals. Despite spears as well survival weapons it isnt likely that you may have much luck, unless you have previously practiced with such. Dont waste time trying until all your other needs (shelter, water, signal fire) are come across. There is one animal you can kill with a rock or large stick, however the porcupine. Be cautious about the sharp quills, cutting and cleaning them using the underside. These animals are slow (and tasty), all of them one for the better survival foods. Food Survival Salt is a marvelous merchandise to hold. It can make just about everything flavor much more exciting. Its cheap. It will previous you a long point in time. It can even be used guard meats if need possibly be. Food Survival Lets get honest. Perform really simply little chubby? By 2030, as stated in a Baylor University study, 100 percent of Ough.S. citizens will be obese by current models. For many, being overweigh is stressful. For others, stress is an enormous cause more weight. Its stress that holds the key to shifting this paradox.